• We brought our child to Bubblebee when he was two (turning three) in 2012. Our greatest worry was that he had few words and limited eye contact. Upon few observations by the Speech Therapist, we worked on his feeding and responsiveness through play. Within a period of a year, he is able to express himself with 3-5 words phrases without much prompting. He still has a long way to go in full expression but truly without the dedication and care from the Speech Therapist, Abel will not acquire the tools to speak on his own. Thank you, BubbleBee.

  • Tristan looked forward to BubbleBee every week as that was the highlight of the week for him! Agnes has an amazing ability to enter into his world and ‘lure’ him out into our world; and the bond and rapport she built with Tristan helped open him up to communicate and express himself spontaneously and creatively. I have recommended BubbleBee to so many others and will always continue to do so!

  • Kae-Lynn has shown tremendous continuous improvement in her cognition, speech and vocal skills since attending BubbleBee. Among the improvements noticed are the usage of straws for her drinks, blowing candles/bubbles, clearer vocalisation etc. in less than 6 months of speech therapy. We would greatly recommend others based on the positive results observed which really help our daughter in her daily routine and as parents, are truly appreciative of the good work by BubbleBee!

    Alicia & Tay Ven
  • We were blessed to have Agnes as Megan's speech therapist since Megan was 2 years of age. Agnes gladly took up the challenge to help our child when we approached her back then. Now 7 years of age, Megan is able to communicate well with her peers despite being special needs child.
    Agnes is always professional, patient and tactful. She is definitely one of the best in her field of speech therapy.

    Parents of Megan
  • I live in Jakarta and after visiting so many clinics, I finally found BubbleBee. Ever since we started to attend therapy in BubbleBee my son's skills have improved a lot. Before he could not speak at all (not even a single word), he is able to speak and carry over a simple conversation now. Thanks, Ms Agnes.

  • My daughter Ania had attended speech therapy in BubbleBee for around 2.5 years. She was meeting Agnes (Ms Agnieszka Debowska) once a week and made a lot of progress. What is very important to me as a parent is the fact that Ania always enjoyed the therapy a lot and was very happy before attending the next session. I am convinced that all the success is in the therapist’s attitude. Ms Agnieszka is excellently trained therapist but what is even more important she is full of enthusiasm, she loves playing with children and makes them feel happy and save during the therapy.

    Barbara Kolodziejska
  • ZX was non verbal before he started started seeing Agnes. Thanks to Agnes' advice, we taught ZX how to sign based on the Baby Signing Time. We could see that he was less frustrated, when he realised that we could actually understand what he wanted, by signing to us. The More Than Words programme, conducted by BubbleBee, also provided us with valuable tips and strategies on how to promote communication with ZX, using daily routines and activities at home. Sessions with Agnes are always fun and ZX loves going to Agnes every week. Agnes understands what ZX likes and how he learns best, and uses appropriate fun actitivies and interesting toys during the sessions, to help ZX develop his speech and communication skills. At the end of each session, she would also never fail to give us many valuable advices on what we can do at home to help ZX. We are very happy with how ZX has progressed over the year. We cannot thank Agnes enough for the love and care she has showered on ZX. Thank you so much for being like a fairy god mother, watching and guiding ZX all these while. Thank you so much! ❤

  • What sets BubbleBee Therapy Centre apart from the handful of speech therapy centers we had enrolled my son in before, is that staff in BubbleBee is genuinely interested in helping the customer in the unique milieu he is in. Every customer, like my son, is different in his needs from another in many special ways. So, in order to help him properly, one first must understand and appreciate him as a person and within the complexity of the situation. With the holistic approach BubbleBee provides an appropriate set of therapy exercises in both the centre and at home and immediately asks for our feedback in the next session. Thanks to that customer's needs are further addressed and when needed, adjusted for his benefit and progress.

    Maria D., mother of dyspraxic child
  • Before beginning with BubbleBee, I was not sure how the needs of my autistic son could successfully be met. My boy, Darren was often very frustrated when he had minimal communication to express his needs, thoughts, and wants, and I had no idea how to help him. Our therapist, Agnes, is a wonderful and greatly helped with the development of my son. She is very knowledgeable, very patient, and made learning fun. She listened to Darren and found ways to help engage him into activities that would enable her to work on increasing his vocabulary. She has tried several different techniques until she found the right one for my son to communicate with people. Darren can now say a handful of words; he is able to let us know what he wants, give some comments. Agnes is also great at teaching me so that I have the skills to continue the therapy and improve speech and language skills with my son in our home country, she was a great resource for suggesting at-home work I could do with Darren.

    We are so grateful to BubbleBee, especially our therapist Agnes, who cares very deeply for my son, Darren. Thank you for the time, knowledge, patience, thoughtfulness, and caring that I and my boy have received from BubbleBee.

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